Mira Anicic Urosevic participated (oral presentation) in the BIOMAQ Conference, November 12-14, Antwerpen, Belgium.
EPL members seminar: Measurement Science in Chemistry, Marija Todorović, 23th October 2012.
Poster presentation "Platinum concentration in deciduous tree leaves from the Belgrade urban area" (cooauthors dr Milica Tomašević and dr Mira Aničić Urošević) was presented on the First International Conference of Young Chemists of Serbia, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade, October 19-20 2012, Serbia.
Poster presentation "XRF analysis of heavy metal content in soil samples using MINIPAL 4 spectrometer" was presented by dr Maja Kuzmanoski on the 11th International Conference on Fundamental and Applied Aspects of Physical Chemistry, September 24-28 2012, Belgrade, Serbia.
In the frames of activities on bilateral (ENVPL-JINR), as well as national (III 43007) projects, two students defended master thesis under supervision of Dr Mira Aničić Urošević:

1. Гордана Вуковић, "Активни биомониторинг елемената у траговима у ваздуху градских улица кањонског типа и тунелу коришћењем маховине Sphagnum girgensohnii Russow" (мастер рад), Хемијски факултет, Универзитет у Београду, 24.09.2012.

2. Ivana Razumenić, "Aktivni biomonitoring elemenata u tragovima u vazduhu javnih gradskih garaža Beograda korišćenjem mahovine Sphagnum girgensohnii Russow" (master rad), Hemijski fakultet, Univerzitet u Beogradu, 24.09.2012.
Marija Todorovic participated in the Euromaster Measurement Science in Chemistry summer school, 15-28 July, 2012, Fatima, Portugal
Mira Anicic Urosevic participated in the conference Urban Environmental Pollution – Create healthy, liveable cities, 17-20 June, 2012, Amsterdan, The Netherlands
Mira Anicic Urosevic participated in the conference 50th Meeting of Serbian Chemical Society, 14-15 June 2012, Serbian Academy of Science, Belgrade, Serbia
Zoran Mijic and Maja Kuzmanoski participated in the ???, 2012, Bukurest
Zoran Mijic and Andreja Stojic participated in the ... mladi talenti...
Marija Todorovic participated in the 7th Mass Spectrometry School at Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics, University of Niš. School was focused on theoretical and practical aspects of mass spectrometry in environmental and biochemical analisys. May 30 – June 1, 2012, Niš, Serbia.
Zoran Mijic participated in the 50th National competition in Physics, for secondary school students, as the member of Serbian Physical Society Committee for High School Competitions in Physics. 21-22 April, 2012, Senta, Serbia.
Marija Todorovic joined the Environmental Physics Laboratory February the 1st 2012.
Marija Todorovic graduated on the project topic: "Measurement of volatile organic compounds with PTR-MS – problems of measurement depending on reaction chamber conditions", January 2012, Faculty of Physical Chemistry, University of Belgrade, Serbia.