Curriculum Vitae


Personal Details:
Frst name: Mirjana
Last name: Tasić
Born: Belgrade, Serbia, July 2nd 1946

1968 - B.Sc. in Physics, Faculty for Natural Sciences, University of Belgrade, Subject of the thesis: Calculation of electron monochromator relating to reflection in the field of cylindrical condenser.
1972 - M.Sc. in Physics, Faculty for Natural Sciences, University of Belgrade, Subject of the thesis: Apsolute determination of spectral emission power of low light intensities by the photon counting method
1989 - Ph.D. in Physics, Faculty for Physics, University of Belgrade, Subject of the thesis: Investigation of dissociative excitation processes in molecules by electron impact

Professional Status:
Research Professor


Institute of Physics:
1971 - 1990: assistant ,
1990 - 2004: assistant research professor,
2004 - 2009: associate research professor,
2009 - present - Research professor

Head of the Environmental Physics Laboratory: 1997 present

Research interest:
Environmental Physics,
Physical methods in environmental monitoring and analysis,
Physical characterization of atmospheric particles,
Sampling of suspended PM10 and PM2.5 particles,
Aerosols and Health,
Remote sensing of aerosols by LIDAR measurements.

Leading of Projects:

Fundamental research project:
2002 - 2005: Air Quality Studies in Urban Areas: Heavy Metals, Radionuclides And Their Interaction In The Atmosphere,
2006 - 2010: Emission and Transmission of Pollutants in Urban Areas

Technical - technology Projects:
Development and Application of LIDAR for Remote Sensing Of Aerosols in the Atmosphere.

International projects:
2006 - 2007: Laser Based Techniques for Aerosols Sensing and Investigation of Greenhouse Gases Slovenia- Serbia & Montenegro Bilateral Cooperation in Science and Technology
2006 - 2009: FP6: IPB-CNP Reinforcing Experimental Centre for Nonequilibrium Studies with Application in Nano-technologies, Etching of Integrated circuits and Environmental Research (Co-chairman)

Teaching activity :
- EKO-PHYSICS: Professional Education Seminars for Teachers in Elementary and Secondary Schools 2003 - present
- Supervision of diploma works and M.Sc and PhD thesis

Memberships :
EUROSAP European Association for the Science and Air Pollution
B.EN.A Balkan Environmental Agency
BPU Balkan Physical Union
RMS Royal Microscopy Society

Participation on Scientific Projects:

National Projects:

III projects:

2011 - 2014 INVESTIGATION OF CLIMATE CHANGE AND ITS INFLUENCES ON ENVIRONMENT Monitoring the Influences, Adaptations, and Offsets - III 43007

2011 - 2014 Application of low temperature plasmas in biomedicine, environmental protection and nanotechnologies - III 41011

International Projects:

1990 - 1992: EURECA (EUROTRAC1) Physico-chemical processes in the atmosphere
1999: The campaign measurements of the atmosphere of the Balkan countries in relation to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon levels
2006 - 2009: ACCENT ASSOCIATE, NETWORK of EXCELENCE for Atmospheric Composition Change in the framework of the specific European research and technological development programme.