Sample Preparation

Analytical Balance
Denver instruments, GmbH

Precise and reliable in daily working routines.

Model: TB-215D
Readability: 0,00001/0,0001 g
Weighing Range: 60 / 210 g
Pan size: 80 mm
Calibration: Internal

Analytical Balance Denver instruments, GmbH

Water distiller
ViMS-elektric doo. Tršic, Serbia

Model: DL-6 (6 l/h)
Heating unit (power): 3 x 1700 W / 220 V
Distilled water conductivity: < 2.3 µS/cm

Heating oven
Binder, Germany

Model: ED53

  • Mechanical control
  • Electronically controlled APT.line™ preheating chamber assuring temperature accuracy and reproducible results
  • Temperature range from 5 °C (9 °F) above ambient temperature to 300 °C (572 °F)
  • Digital temperature setting with an accuracy of one degree
  • DS control with integrated timer 0 to 99 hrs
  • Independent adjustable temperature safety device class 2 (DIN 12880), with visual temperature alarm
  • Adjustable ventilation by means of front ventilation flap slide and rear exhaust Ř 50 mm
  • Optional RS 422 Interface for APT-COM™ Data Control System communication software
  • Units up to 115 liters are stackable
  • 2 chrome-plated racks included
  • BINDER test confirmation

Heating oven, Binder, Germany