FP6 - IPB-CNP Reinforcing Experimental Centre for Non-equilibrium Studies with Application in Nano-technologies, Etching of Integrated circuits and Environmental Research

2006 - 2009

The Centre for Nonequilibrium Processes has achieved significant results in several research fields including information technologies based on nano science and sustainable development.

The present project promoted the Centre into the leading institution covering applications based on nonequilibrium processes in West Balkan and it will be the basis for further integration into European projects and international collaboration.

Activities in the Centre for Non-equilibrium Processes are oriented to the studies of the non-equilibrium plasmas and its application in Nano-technologies, etching of intergrated circuits and environmental research. They are related to:

* studies motivated by the development of 40 nm technologies for integrated circuits related to plasma and fast neutral etching;

* interaction of nonequilibrium plasmas with surfaces to achieve nanostructured hydrophobic surfaces and treatment of biological materials;

* growth and control of nanotubes on surfaces and nano particles in gas phase and

* suspended particles as atmospheric pollutants.